Brighten up interiors with decorative painting by O.R Oguey Raymond !

Different established and modern techniques: rough cast render, stucco...

Eco-friendly paint: a range of vegetable and mineral paint for healthy interiors

A wide range of wallpapers and carpets

For an even more personalised touch to your home

The work carried out is based on our research into feng shui and the symbolic colour wheel

Eco-friendly paint

The environment: an issue which concerns us

juuOur paintwork is guided by character studies on the environment.

The environment we live in influences us in our daily lives, a colour or paint technique can influence our character... For these reasons, the study of colours, symbolic shades of colours and feng shui form an integral part of our work philosophy in terms of the OR Oguey Raymond company.

We favour the use of odourless eco-friendly paints, products which preserve our health and the environment and which have large-scale coverage and good washability.

Vegetable and mineral paint is the current trend, and we have a wide range of eco-friendly and organic products.

For healthy interiors, contact our team of plasterers and painters in Carouge !

Practical information

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